What is CAFFEIN?

CgH10N4O2 -j- H20. Thein; an alkaloid that occurs in the leaves and beans of the coffee-tree, in tea, in Paraguay tea, and in guarana, the roasted pulp of the fruit of Paullima sorbilis. It occurs in long, silky needles, slightly soluble in cold water and alcohol, with a feebly bitter taste. It is a cerebral and spinal stimulant. See Caffea. C. citrata, citrated caffein, prepared by dissolving equal weights of caffein and citric acid in double the quantity of hot distilled water. Dose gr. ij-x. C. citrata effervesctns, effervescent citrated caffein. Dose g j-ij in water. C.-iodol, a crystalline addition- product obtained by mixing alcoholic solutions of caffein and iodol in molecular proportion. It contains 74.6 per cent, of iodol and 25.4 per cent, of caffein, and is a light-gray, odorless, tasteless, and nearly insoluble compound. It is proposed as a substitute for iodol.

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Definition of  CAFFEIN