The seeds of Tkeobroma cacao and other members of the genus Stercvliacea of Africa, South America, West Indies, and some tropical parts of Asia, yield the nutritive substances cocoa and chocolate. The beans contain mach fatty matter, and about 1 per cent, of theobromine, together with about 04 per Fat… Curd Salt… Water… cent, of caffeine. The aroma of cacao is due to the presence of about ooo6 per centof linalool. The fat ranges from 50 to 56 per cent.; has the consistence of suet, and consists of a number of fats, including about 40 per cent, stearine, about 31 per cent, oleic acid, and some proportion of theobromic acid. It is of sp. gr. 0858 to 0865, melts at from 320 to 34 C., has ar iodine value of from 34 to 38, and a saponification value of 192 to 198. Cacao butter is used in pharmacy and m chocolatemaking, and is distinct from cocoanut oil, which is yielded by the cocoa palm. The shell is used in prepat ing cattle food. Chocolate is a preparation of roasted cacao beans without the abstraction of the butter, and always contains sugar and added cacao butter whereas cacao is the powder made from the roasted beans by pressing out part of the butter.

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Definition of  CACAO and CACAO BUTTER