B., Abdominal, breathing in which the abdominal walls move decidedly and in which the diaphragm is actively engaged. S., Diminished, is the reverse of B. Exaggerated. The normal breath-sound is present, but its intensity is much diminished. It is very frequently heard at the apex in the early stage of pulmonary tuberculosis. B., Exaggerated, is the normal breath-sound of children, but when occurring in adults, it indicates a compensatory action of one part of the lungs for deficient action elsewhere. It is an exaggerated degree of the normal vesicular breathing. B., Interrupted, Wavy or Cogwheel, a broken or interrupted inspiratory sound produced by nervousness, irregular contraction of the muscles of respiration, or irregular expansion of the lung from disease. B., Mouth, habitual respiration through the mouth. B., Puerile See B., Exaggerated. B., Suppressed, entire absence of breath-sounds, as in pleuritic effusion and certain solid conditions of the lung. B., Thoracic, respiration in which the thoracic walls are actively moved.

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