What is BENZOIN?

A resin obtained from Slyrax benzoin, a tree native to Sumatra and Siam. It is also a ketone alcohol, C14H1202, and maybe produced by oxidizing hydrobenzoin with concentrated HNOs. It is sparingly soluble in water, cold alcohol, and ether, and crystallizes in shining prisms, melting at 1340. It is used as a remedy for bronchitis and in making court plaster. It occurs in tears consisting of several resins agglutinated by a balsam. It yields benzoic and cinnamic acids, is antiseptic and disinfectant, and is used mainly as a stimulant expectorant in chronic bronchitis. Sodium and potassium compounds are sometimes used in place of like salicylic acid compounds. Adeps benzomatus, benzoinated lard, contains 2 per cent, of benzoin. B., Tinct., 20 percent, of the resin in alcohol. Dose .ss-j. B., Tinct. Comp., Friar

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Definition of  BENZOIN