(ar-o-mat’-ik) 1. Having a spicy odor. 2. A substance characterized by a fragrant, spicy taste and odor, as cinnamon, ginger, the essential oils, etc. A stimulant to the gastro-intestinal mucous membrane. 3. A qualification applied to a series of carbon compounds originating from a nucleus composed of six carbon-atoins, C6H6. Their stability is relatively great as compared to the fatty bodies. A. Acids, those of the benzin-group of hydrocarbons. A. Compound, any benzyl-derivative. A. Fid. Ext., aromatic powder 100, alcohol q. s. A. Group, a series of hydrocarbons having the .composition C10- H16. A. Powder. See Cinnamomum. A. Vinegar, any mixture of aromatic oils with vinegar. It is used as a stimulating agent. See Acetum.

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Definition of  AROMATIC