(an-aP-is-is) The resolution of compound bodies into simpler, or constituent parts. A., Densimetric, analysis of a subject by means of determining the specific gravity of the solution and thus estimating the amount of dissolved matter. A., Gasometric, the determination of the constituents of gaseous compounds, especially the determination of the amount of oxygen in samples of atmospheric air. A., Gravimetric, the quantitative determination by weight of the elements of a body. A., Organic, the determination of the elements of matter formed under the influence of life. The analysis of animal and vegetable tissues. A., Proximate, the determination of the simpler compound elements into which a substance may be resolved. A., Qualitative, the determination of the nature and number of elements that compose a body. A., Quantitative, the determination of the proportionate parts of the various elements of a compound. A., Spectral, the determination of the composition of a body by means of the spectroscope. A., Ultimate, the resolution of a compound, not into its simpler constituents, but its ultimate elements. A., Volumetric, the quantitative determination of a constituent by ascertaining the volume of a liquid required to complete a given reaction.

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Definition of  ANALYSIS