(am-ig’ ‘-dal-ah) I. Almond. The seeds of Prunus Amygdalus, var. amara and dulcis, containing the principle Emulsin or Synaptase. The former contains Amygdalin. The expressed oil of the sweet almond is a demulcent useful in skin-affections; in doses of 3J-ij it is a mild laxative. The oil of A. amara is used in cosmetics. 2. The tonsil. A. amarae, Aq., a I : iooo solution of the oil in water Dose indefinite. A. amarae, Ol., a volatile oil, bitter to the taste. Contains 3-14 per cent, of hydrocyanic acid. Dose V,%-). A. amarae, Spt., oil of bitter almond 1, alcohol 80, distilled water q. s. A., Emulsum, oil of sweet almonds 6 per cent., sugar, water, and acacia q. s. Dose 5jj3 ss. A. expressum, Ol., oil of sweet almonds. A., Pulv., Comp. P.), contains sweet almonds, refined sugar, and gum acacia. Used to make A. , Emulsum. A., Syr., sweet almond 14, bitter almond 4, sugar 20, orange-flower water 10, water 13, syrup q. s.

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