(am-o’ -ne-um) A hypothetical alkalis base, having the composition NH 4 . Exists only i combination. It occurs most commonly in the form c ammonia gas, NH 3 , which, dissolved in water, is th water of ammonia of commerce. Inhalation of the gs causes suffocation and edema of glottis. The sal first stimulate and then paralyze the motor nerves, is useful as a stimulant, as an antagonist in cardiac dlt; pression, and locally in bites and stings of venomoi reptiles and insects. Ammonia Aqua, water of an monia, a solution containing ten per cent, of the g: in water. Dose TTiv-gss, well diluted. A. Aqu Fortior, contains 28 per cent, of the gas in solutioi A. Aromatic Spt., spirit of ammonia, with am. carb am. aq., ol. lemon, lavender and pimenta, alcohol an water. Dose ss-ij. Ammonii acetas liq Spirit of Mindererus, dilute acetic acid neutralize with ammonia. Dose 3J-5JA. benzoa; NH t C,H 5 O r Dose gr. v-xv. A. Bicarbonai Dose gr. ij-x. A. bromid, NH 4 Br. Dose gr. x-gs: A. carbonas, NII 4 HCO. .NH 4 NH 2 C0 2 , a mixture c carbonate and dicarbonate. Dose gr. v-x. chlorid, NH 4 C1, sal ammoniac. Dose gr. j-xx. chloridi trochisci, each lozenge contains gr. ij of th salt. A. fluorid, used in hypertrophy of the splee Dose gr. 54A

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Definition of  AMMONIUM