This consists chiefly of ammonia, and if available near at hand should be largely used in the garden. Vegetable refuse which is rotting down may be thoroughly soaked with it once a week until it is dug in, and the value of the latter as manure will certainly be doubled if such a practice is adopted. Heaps of road manure, the fertilising value of which is comparatively poor, may with great advantage have frequent soakings of this liquid, and after decomposing down for a few weeks their value will be enormously increased. Immediately after such a soaking the heap or heaps should be thoroughly well dusted with powdered gypsum or covered with soil to prevent the escape of the Ammonia. A very impure form of this known as Gas Tar Water or Gas Liquor has a strong pungent odour and is of some use as a soil insecticide. A quart of this in 10 gals, of water will, it is said, completely clear any plot of pests if a thorough soaking of the liquid is given.

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