What is AMIN?

(am’ -in) The s are chemical compounds produced by the substitution of a basic atom or radical for one or more of the hydrogen atoms of ammonia; or basic derivatives of carbon, containing nitrogen and viewed as ammonia derivatives. In deportment they bear some similarity to ammonia. The lower members are gases with ammoniacal odor and are readily soluble in water; they differ from ammonia in their combustibility. The highest members are liquids soluble in water, only the highest are sparingly soluble. They are called Monamins , Diamins, Triamins, etc. , according to the number of amidogen molecules, NH 2 , substituted for H. A. Colors. Same as Anilin Colors, q. v. A. Primary, an amin in which one hydrogen atom is replaced by a monovalent alkyl. A. Secondary, an amin in which two hydrogen atoms are replaced by monovalent alkyls. A. Tertiary, an amin in which three hydrogen atoms are replaced by monovalent alkyls.

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Definition of  AMIN