What is AMIDES, or acid amides?

are amino compounds containing the group or radical NH2. For instance, urea or carbamide is the amide of carbonic ac.d, utid is prepared by heating ammonium carbamate to 135 degrees C., thus: NH4b}CO = CO + HX>. An acid amide is the result of introducing the amido group in place of the hydroxyl radical of certain compounds. Auetamide is a crystalline deliquescent body derived from acetic acid, which is soluble in water and alcohol and melts at 82 degrees C. Eenzamide is a crystalline substance soluble in water and alcohol, with a meltingpoint of 130 degrees C. rornamidfi or Methane amide may be shown as HCO,NU2, being derived from H,CO,HO or CII202, and the liquid when heated quickly splits up into carbon monoxide and ammonia. Succinamide is C4H,Os or C2H1i2.

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Definition of  AMIDES, or acid amides