(ah-men-o-re’ ‘-ah) Absence, irregularity, or suppression of menstruation when it should normally be present. The secretion may be retained, the result of congenital or acquired atresia of some part of the lower genital tract; or it may not take place in consequence of an imperfect development of the ovaries or uterus; or it may be suppressed because of some form of constitutional disease, especially anemia. Primitive, is a term applied to those cases in which the catamenia have not appeared at the proper time, and Secondary, to those in which the discharge has been arrested after it has existed during the reproductive period of life, menorrheal Pertaining to amenorrhea, wment A person affected with amentia; an idiot, ment or Amentum In biology, a scaly spike or catkin, imentaceous In biology, related in some way to an ament. mentia Defective intellect; a vague term synonymous with idiocy or imbecility, mentum See Ament. menty Amentia, merican Peculiar, or belonging, to America. A. Aloe. See Agave americana. A. Catarrh, a synonym for chronic postnasal catarrh. A. Centaury, the herb Sabbatia annularis, employed as a substitute for gentian. A. Columbo, the root of Frasera carolinensis. Tonic, aperient; in large doses, purgative. Dose of the fld. ext. nxx3J. Proserin, a concentrated extract. Dose gr. j-iij. A. Hellebore. See Veratrum viride. A. Ipecac. See Gillenia. A. Ivy, the twigs and bark of Ampelopsis quinquefolia. Alterative, tonic, astringent, and expectorant. Dose of the fld. ext. trxxx-3J. Ampelopsin, the concentrated ext. Dose gr. ij-iv. A. Saffron. See Carthamus. A. Senna. See Senna. A. Spikenard, the rhizome of Aralia racemosa. Aromatic, diuretic and alterative. Used in rheumatism, dropsy, and scrofulous affections. Dose of the decoction indefinite. A. Swiss Food, a variety of infant milk food with the following composition: Water 5.68, fat 6. 81, grape-sugar and milk-sugar 5-7amp;gt; cane-sugar 36.43, starch 30.85, soluble carbohydrates 45.35, albuminoids 10.54, ash 1. 21. A. Valerian. See Cypripedium. A. Wormseed. See Chenopodium.

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