What is ALBUMIN?

(nl-bu’-min) A proteid substance, the chief constituent of the body. Its molecule is highly complex and varies widely within certain limits in different organs and conditions. It contains approximately the following percentages : Carbon 51.5 to 54.5; hydrogen 6.9 to 7.3; nitrogen 15.2 to 17.O; oxygen 20.9 to 23.5; sulphur 0.3 to 2.0 Its approximate formula is C 72 H, 12 N 1H M S. Albumen, white of egg, often called albumin, is largely composed of it. Other varieties art: called after their sources or characterise reactions, as acid-albumin, alkali-albumin, muscle-, serum-, ovum-, vegetable all gt;uxrim,etc. Normal albumin is the type od A

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Definition of  ALBUMIN