What is AFTER?

(af’-ter) 1. The anus. The buttocks. 2. Next in succession. A. Action, the negative variation in an electrical current continuing for a short time in a tetanized muscle. A. Birth, the popular designation of the placenta, cord, and membranes, sometimes cafled the secundines. A. Brain. See Hindbrain and Metencephalon. A. Care, the care or nursing of convalescents; specifically, the treatment of patients discharged as cured from lunatic asylums. A. Cataract, Cataracta Secundaria; an opacity of the media of the eye after operation for cataract due to opacification of the capsule or to non-absorption of the remains of the lens-substance. A. Damp, a poisonous mixture of gases, such as carbon monoxid and carbon dioxid, found in coal mines after an explosion of inflammable gases. A. Hearing, a neurotic condition in which sounds are heard after the wave-motion that produces them has ceased. A. Images, continued retinal impressions after the stimulus of the light or image has ceased to act. A positive afterimage is a simple prolongation of the sensation; a negative after-image is the appearance of the image in complementary colors. -sensations may be also experienced with other senses. A. Milk, the strippings; the last milk taken from the teat at any one milking. It is peculiarly rich in butter, as compared with the fore-milk. A. Pains. See Pains. A. Perception, the perception of a sensation after the stimulus has passed away. A. Sensation, a sensation lasting longer than the stimulus producing it. A. Taste, a gustatory sensation produced some time after the stimulus has been removed. A. Treatment. See A. Care.

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