What is ACTAEA?

(Baneberry and Herb Christopher. Nat. Ord. Ranunculaceae). This is not very often grown, since the berries are distinctly poisonous. It will grow freely with the usual treatment for hardy perennials, in the wild garden, or shady border in the rock garden. Any good garden loam suits it. Plant at the usual time, and increase by division in the autumn or spring. It may also be raised from seeds sown in a frame in the spring. What to Grow The following may be included : Actaea alba.As its name implies, this is a white sort. It blooms m late April and May, and averages about 15 ins. in height. A. spicata.This also is white, but bears black berries. It blooms at the same period as the species just described and varies from i to 3 ft. in height according to site. A. spicata nigra.This is a dark variety of the sort below. A. spicata rubra.A red-berried sort bearing white flowers in April and May. Its height varies, but averages about a yard.

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Definition of  ACTAEA