(as-id-os’ -te-o-flt) A sharp, or needle-shaped, osteophyte. Ac’ids, Aromatic. Acids derived by replacing hydrogen in the benzenes by carboxyls. They are crystalline solids that generally sublime undecomposed. Most of them dissolve with difficulty in water. A., Diazo. See Diazo Acids. A., Dibasic, acids containing two carboxyl groups. They are solids, crystallizable, and generally volatile without decomposition.” They are mostly soluble in water and have a strong acid reaction. See Table. A., Fatty, a class of monobasic acids, formed by the oxidation of the primary alcohols. The more complex fatty acids are found in all oleaginous compounds, where they exist combined with glycerin, forming fats. The fatty acids have a general formula C n H 2n 02. See Table. A., Monobasic, products of the replacement by oxygen of the two hydrogen atoms attached to the carbon-earning OH. These acids enter into combination with a univalent basic radical to form a neutral salt, or a salt containing one equivalent of a base. A., Organic, acids characterized by the carboxyl group CO. OH.

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