(ab-sorp -shun) The permeation or imbibition of one body by another. The process whereby nourishment, medicines, morbid products of tissue metamorphosis, etc., are taken up by the lymphatic and venous systems. In ophthalmology the process by which the lens is disintegrated and carried off after the capsule has been ruptured. A. Lines or Bands, the lines of the spectrum, called Fraunhofers lines; they are dark lines caused by the arrestation or absorption of the ethereal waves of certain lengths and rapidities, mainly by vapors of the sun’s atmosphere. A. of Composition, or External , the taking up of material by the skin or mucous surfaces. A., Cutaneous, absorption by the skin. A., Disjunctive, the removal of living tissue around a necrosed mass, and its consequent separation from its surroundings. A., Interstitial, the removal by the absorbent system of effete matters. A. Method, to determine whether or not hematuria is due to lesion of the bladder. It is based on the fact that the undenuded surface of the bladder will not absorb foreign substances. Fifteen grains of potassium iodid are injected into the bladder, and fifteen minutes later the saliva is examined for iodin. If found, it is an indication of an unhealthy state of the bladder. A., Progressive, atrophy of a part due to pressure. A., Pulmonary, the taking up of oxygen, or of vapors A., Venous, absorption by the veins.

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