(ab-er-a’ -shun) ab, from; errare, to wander). Deviation from the normal; mental derangement; fetal malformation; vicarious menstruation; escape of the fluids of the body by any unnatural channel. In optics, any imperfection of focalization or refraction of a lens. A., Chromatic, the dispersion arising from unequal refraction of light of different parts of the spectrum. The violet rays being more refrangible than the red rays, are brought to a focus nearer the lens, and the image is surrounded by a halo of colors. A., Mental, a degree of paranoia that may or may not amount to insanity. A., Spherical, the excess of refraction of the peripheral part of a convex lens over the central area, producing an imperfect focus and a blurred image.

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Definition of  ABERRATION